SafetySuit promotes “YOU ARE THE PERFECT COLOR” Day For Anti-Bullying, Personal Empowerment, Pledges 1st Week Sales

SafetySuit is releasing their new EP called Perfect Color on November 15th to promote a message for anti-bullying, equality, and personal empowerment. “Usually a label will start a marketing campaign to promote a new album release,” said SafetySuit bass player Jeremy Henshaw, “but we’re doing the opposite and using our music to promote a movement. It’s always been our purpose to use our music and our platform to promote a positive message of hope and acceptance. We want anyone who might be having a hard time right now to know that you are the perfect color! You are seen, you are loved, and you have great value.”

Extensive studies have shown approximately 1 in 4 junior high and high school students experience bullying. The #YouAreThePerfectColor message was created to promote awareness for the issue and a safe place of community for anyone who needs help. The directive is to post a positive message using the hashtag on social media on November 15th, and take a stand against bullying, racism, and discrimination. has also been created to offer information and connect anyone who needs help with the resources and support they might need. “We hope one of the results is people having a moment of personal empowerment and self-worth as they post their own stories and messages,” Henshaw said, “and the overwhelming response we’ve already received from people who plan to take part with us has been incredible. Even though we’re different, we’re all human, and everyone deserves to be treated with respect. We all want to take the world we’ve inherited and leave a better one for our children, and hopefully there’s a baseline there where some understanding and productive conversation can begin.”

The new EP will include the single Perfect Color, which released earlier this year, as well as an acoustic version SafetySuit recently premiered Live at 35 on a flight with Southwest Airlines. SafetySuit has pledged $1 from each EP sold during the first week to anti-bullying non-profits, and they hope it will inspire others to do what they can as well to support anti-bullying organizations locally and nationwide.